My Worst Clients Ever!

This is a true story…


Many years ago a couple wanted to buy a bigger house in an area they knew and loved.  Their parameters were tight in terms of location, as they considered themselves “20 minute drivers,” to the routine spots their lives would take them.  North and east were out of the question, and for any move south, they would also have to go west toward the freeway.  “Easy enough!”


They had financing in place, so we proceeded to look at homes within their price range.  Nothing.  The wife went back to the lender asking for a higher loan amount - she got it, and we started again.  Still nothing. The wife goes back to the lender once more, they increase the limit, and off we go – starting from scratch!


Okay, so now I’m thinking there’s something terribly “wrong” with them.  We spent two weeks at each price point, and I continued to confirm what they “said,” is actually what they wanted.  Each time they agreed, it was exactly as I understood.  (Sigh!)


The day finally came that I had three great homes to show.  I was excited!  Good grief - make that only two!  The owner’s of one house had birds of which the wife was deathly afraid.  Thankfully the owner’s were home!  Having made the appointment and upon presentation of my business card, the owner’s showed the house to the husband.  The wife waited outside hyperventilating.  


By this time at least six weeks had gone by.  They still needed a place to still live, but frustration and weariness had become constant companions.  The wife then decided to abandon the search (for a while) to take her children on a 7-day road trip.  To this day, I still don’t understand where “that” came from, but stress does strange things to people.


Alright, the trip was over and it’s back to the coal mine.  After much digging I found a house within their price range (the third one,) but it didn’t match what they wanted.  The wife saw the house, and while a “meh” for her, she wanted her husband to see it, so we returned the same day.  


The husband lit up like a ten-thousand watt bulb and they FINALLY made an offer!

For this couple, what they “said” they wanted, was not at all what they bought.  They wanted: a single level home with a pool, a “bigger is better” backyard, and no HOA.  They purchased: a two-story home with no pool, very small (but pretty) backyard, in a HOA community.  Big difference!  


If you haven’t caught on yet, “My Worst Clients Ever,” are me and my husband, years and houses ago. What we experienced was a complete failure to communicate!  It turned out my husband wanted a two-story home (which was fine by me) and my focus was convenience and location.  We both got what we wanted, but it was a long, long, road home!


So what do I say to ALL my Buyer clients – “If you don’t know what you want, and can’t describe it – there is little hope that I can find it!”


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