Stick Em Up!  It's Hot!!

April 23, 2014


Stories surrounding soaring summer temperatures in Phoenix usually include bursting thermometers, frying eggs on sidewalks and spontaneous combustion. Alright, alright maybe I’m embellishing a bit, but the egg frying part is true. It’s always amazing to watch the nightly news and hear the day’s temperatures were in the low hundreds instead of a few degrees shy of the under-world. Conspiracy?  Sometimes I wonder.


To be clear, we (people) here in Phoenix are a “cool” bunch! We have air conditioning and we know how to use it! Our babies can say the word “hot” before mom and dad, and we can reduce temps on thermostats faster than any gunfighter of the old west. But, being and staying cool will cost you. How much? Let’s just say “Stick ‘em up!”


You can lower your hands now and (hopefully) your electric bill with the following “painless” tips:


1.  Water Heater – My Dad pointed out years ago it makes no “cents” to heat water 24/7 when you only need and use it half that time or less. Take a look at your heater then drive to your local hardware store for parts to make the adjustment. Yes, it’s easy.


2.  Dishwasher – Turn off heated drying. You’ll find your dishes will still be spot free.


3.  Landscape Lighting – Yes, I know- you’ve spent a fortune. And yes, you’re right, it is beautiful. But unless your concern is safety and not aesthetics, set the timer to go off at midnight instead of using a dusk to dawn setting.


4.  Programmable Thermostat –Your house called and said its feelings won’t be hurt if it isn’t 75 degrees during the day while you’re away. To that end, a programmable thermostat allows you to set temperatures (both heating and cooling) according to your lifestyle. Getting one is definitely easy since most of us will hire someone to do the work, but it isn’t cheap. On the other hand you’ll be able to recoup (and likely exceed in savings) the dollars spent in one summer!


5.  Run it Efficiently – Ever experience a “heavy” door while your air conditioner is on? The room has become pressurized. I’m told the reason is because air flow going into a room but has no means of escape to return or intake portion to complete the cycle. When this happens the unit actually runs longer and harder which costs more money. Leave interior doors open for peak performance.


For more money saving tips including budget billing, time of use, and pre-pay options, contact your electric company – Salt River Project (SRP) 602-236-888 - (or) Arizona Public Service (APS) 602-371-7171 -


Stick ‘em up? Nope. Not today. But I am “cool!”



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