Frequently Asked Questions:

When Selling your home there are bound to be questions.  

Here is a list of those most frequently asked.

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Can I sell my home in "As-Is" condition?

Most definitely you can.  

The Arizona Residential Real Estate Purchase Contract did away with Seller warranties at its latest revision in February 2017, so now "all" home sales are "As-Is" without exception.


I've heard most Buyers are expecting Sellers to pay their closing costs - Do I have to?

No. You don't have to.

Some Buyers need the Seller's help in order to purchase because they only have the funds for a down-payment.  That is most often the reason they ask for the Seller to pay closing costs.  If the Seller will not help, they cannot buy, and will look for another home and Seller who will provide assistance.

What do I have to tell the buyer about my house?

In Arizona, disclosure is the law.  As such, you are legally obligated to tell everything you know about your home and property.  To make this job easier, I give my clients what is known as "SPDS" an acronym for Residential Seller's Property Disclosure Statement. The SPDS is a 7 page document which covers most items and provides space for writing anything not covered.

If the Buyer is putting up earnest money, do I get it when I accept their offer?


Earnest money is usually deposited with a title company once a contract is formed and escrow is opened.  It is held by them until they receive written instructions for disbursement.  Assuming all parties are happy and sale will proceed to closing, the earnest money will become to a credit to the buyer to offset the money they owe for their down-payment and closing costs.

Should I stay home when agents come to show my house?


It's actually best that you leave your home to give the agent and their clients a chance to look around and talk freely. 

Now that there's a sign in the yard, people ring the bell wanting to see my house.  Should I show it?


Unless you are in the habit of inviting strangers into your home, now is not the time to start.  It's an issue of safety.  Regardless of what is said at the door, refer "would-be" home-buyers to your agent.

Can I sell if I have a tenant?


However, your tenant has rights according to the Arizona Residential Landlord Tenant Act and care must be taken not to infringe upon those rights when marketing the property for sale, and when it is sold.  Want to know or email. 


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