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Properties don't sell without planning and a marketing strategy.  While pricing is an important factor, skillful negotiation is essential to your bottom line.  Call today for a no obligation market analysis and to discuss your plans of getting from "here to there."

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Getting Ready!


What sells is recent paint and clean floors.  What doesn’t?  Dirty stoves, bathtub rings, smelly litter boxes...

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What's My House


Research and data can give an indication, but a "true" value requires a site visit to learn condition.

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Marketing Your Home


When it comes to marketing your home, truly "the sky's the limit."


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Showing Your Home


The fast track method to showing your home is a quick “pick-up” and...

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Investor Sales

What type of financing will a Buyer use to purchase your "fix and flip?"



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There are many documents which determine your bottom line.  They all count...Every word, every detail matters!

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Close of Escrow

It's time to leave...

Close of escrow is defined as recordation of the Deed from the Seller to the Buyer.

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Maricopa County MLS sales data and other useful articles for home owners and Sellers of residential real estate.


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AZ Buyer Advisory 
Most Buyers are receiving this resource material. As a
Seller, it benefits you to know the information it contains.



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