Showing Your Home

Assuming you have taken my Getting Ready to Market advice to heart, you are absolutely ready for your first appointment.


If your home is occupied, agents will call to explain their intention of showing your home. Time is of the essence as agents only work with Buyers an average of three hours for the purpose of showing homes. Try to be amenable to the scheduling time provided.

The fast track method to showing your home is a quick “pick-up” and wipe down of counter tops (and mirrors) in your kitchen and baths.  In addition to opening blinds, shutters, or parting drapery – turn on inside lights.

Showing your home in Chandler, AZ

Showing your home in Tempe, AZ

Showing your home in Gilbert, AZ

If you have a fountain in your back yard, or a waterfall in your pool, turn those on too.  Adjust your thermostat to a comfortable setting.  Even though lots of people think music is a good idea – I think not.  If it is too loud or soft it’s a distraction. The wrong genre for your audience?  Now it’s just noise.


I suggest you not be home when the agent and Buyers arrive.  They won’t feel able to move about and converse freely.  They will also feel they are encroaching on your space.  Buyers who are interested will linger a bit longer - a wonderful thing when showing your home.  They hang around forming a floor plan for their furnishings and talk of their future plans.  They discuss the neighborhood, your home in comparison to the other’s they’ve seen, and hopefully what a good offer price will be.  This is exactly the conversation you want to take place in your home - but it will not happen, if you are there.  


If you cannot leave, try to make yourself “scarce.”  The agent will announce him or herself at the door and hand you a business card.  Thank them for coming and without waiting further introduction to their client, announce you will be in the backyard, or working in the den, or in the nursery, etc. 


There’s absolutely no need to engage the agent or Buyers in conversation.  Agents and their Buyers are not guests.  The reason for showing your home is to enter into a financially beneficial contractual agreement leading to its sale.

The best way to show your home is "don't!"  Get out.  You aren't needed and shouldn't be there.

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