Perhaps at its simplest, the word negotiation can be summed up as meaning  "a discussion aimed at reaching a mutual agreement." 


Great negotiators have at least two items in their arsenal, an intuitive sense of people and knowledge of the subject matter.  For them it becomes an art form.  

They know when to condense talking points, what to say, when to say it, how to say it, and are keenly aware of when to remain silent.  There is also understanding, kindness and respect shown toward an "opponent," along with a willingness to work toward mutual benefit.  Without emotion.

The Arizona Association of Realtors Purchase Contract is now ten pages.  Ten pages of “reading glasses worthy” writing.  Add to it


the additional Addenda which together equal the complete agreement, and there are numerous opportunities to reach a mutually beneficial agreement, which will be reduced to writing and become the rules of engagement.

I'm sure you've heard the phrase - all things are negotiable.  With exceptions, it is true.  If you need the Seller's assistance with closing costs, we can structure your offer to give the Seller what he wants, while also getting what you need.  Appliances?  We will certainly ask.  A home warranty?  I can often "account" for that too.  Together, we will consider market value, the Seller’s asking price, days on market and motivation, plus your risk tolerance, timeline, financial circumstances, etc. These factors (along with my experience) enable me to structure your individual offer to purchase.


People are different.  Properties are different.  No two offers or purchase contracts are ever the same.


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