Mindless Giving

It's that time of year again and most of us are feeling "warm and fuzzy."  With those feelings come our inclination to say "yes" more often than we should.

"Yes" to ten dozen cupcakes instead of the original two.  "Yes" to doubling and tripling commitments which when made we couldn't fathom "how."  And "yes" charities asking for assistance - of them there are plenty.

When it comes to answering the call of the bell ringer at the mall or cashier at the register, have you become a mindless giver? 

I can honestly I have.  The fact was brought to my attention by husband who decided to ride "shot-gun" for Saturday morning errands.  On a mission, I moved quickly and deliberately in and out of stores with an eye on the clock hoping to beat my projected finish time.  At each point I was asked for a donation, and at each point I agreed - but when my husband asked if I remembered who they were and how much I had given - I was at a loss.  Were they reputable charities who rate high in use of funds received relative to their cause?  A good question in hindsight.  All I remember is having heard of them before.

For the two of us this conversation has come full circle.  Me reminding him we can't support everyone and the need to investigate a charities allocation of funding, and now he's reminding me - the exact "same" conversation years later.

Giving is good - though probably best when thinking - instead of reacting.

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