Marketing Your Home

When it comes to marketing your home in Chandler or the East Valley, truly "the sky's the limit."


As a Seller listing your property for sale, you are paying for an end result - your home Sold.  The means of accomplishing the goal (marketing your home) is most often left to your agent.  They may choose to cooperate with other agents through Multiple Listing Service (MLS,) put up yard signs, produce flyers, advertise on the internet, add a lockbox to your front door, and the list goes on.


I have a marketing plan for Sellers who want their homes "wired for sound," yet am fully aware all strategies may not be applicable due to reasons for sale.  You have choices.  Marketing your home is one of many.  I've sold houses with extensive marketing and the opposite is true.


Regardless the methods you choose in marketing your home, accurate and competitive pricing is always the key element in the transition from "for sale" to SOLD!


Marketing your home in Chandler.


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