Lost Dog!

The photo above is my gorgeous “grand-dog.”  She belongs to my son who lives in Tucson while attending UA.  He got her at five weeks old and her first home away from her mother was mine.


On a stormy day I got a call from my son whose tone of voice struck me with such fear, I could hardly focus on his words.  “Harlee” was missing!  He was in the process of moving, went to the store leaving her with his roommate, and coming back – she was gone!


We have horrific storms here in the desert: dusk-dark daytime skies, gusting winds, booming thunder, cracking lightning and torrential downpours.  His dog was in the backyard when the storm struck.  She got spooked and bolted in search of one of two points of refuge, my son or her old home.


Hearing his story with a sinking heart, I called the pound, animal shelters and hospitals, and every vet clinic in Tucson.  He kept calling back with updates and the strategic efforts of friends to find her.  Having exhausted all I could do from 100 miles away, I took to Craigslist (Tucson) posting “Lost Dog” ads (with her photo) as quickly as I could.  Another update said his roommate called local Tucson radio stations to get the word out.  Ingenious!  Several calls later, he was at the breaking point.  He stopped to ask a woman if she’d seen a Doberman in the area and her reply was “Oh my G_D!  I hope not!”


Harlee was found in a couple of hours and just as suspected, she was on her way “home.”  Hating to “be” (and get) wet, she stopped at a shopping center hoping to go inside a store.  The manager of pizza place said he was too afraid to let her in, as were others.  Thankfully she found a restaurant owner who had enough sense to know she wouldn’t stage a one Doberman coup and takeover the joint!  He took her in and called my son. Know how he found his number?  Craigslist!*


To the people of Tucson who remember – “Your kindness will NEVER be forgotten!”


*When an animal goes missing, time is not on your side.  Act quickly.  Tell everyone and anyone who will listen.  Get friends and family involved.  Call local radio, post to social media, "tweet" the news.  And don't forget Craigslist!


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