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The Residential Resale Real Estate Purchase Contract affords a Buyer a 10-Day Inspection Period.  The 10-day Inspection Period begins the day following acceptance of your offer by the Seller. The 10 days are calendar days - not business days – and continue despite holidays.  Considering at least one weekend will occur during 10 calendar days, it is important home inspections are performed promptly.  

It is during this time (that) you will hire a home inspector.  He or she will perform a visual physical examination of readily accessible systems and components, and provide a detailed home inspection report (with photographs) identifying all items: in working order, those broken, in disrepair, items requiring additional inspections beyond the scope of their general inspection, and those in short need of attention.



You can perform any type of home inspection (see Arizona Buyer Advisory) you deem necessary to satisfy yourself the home is suitable for your intended purpose – however they must not be destructive in nature, or cause the property to become encumbered.  Home inspections are at your expense and should include the investigation of insurance premiums and CC&R's if your future home is located in a Homeowner Association.

So what will I do to help you?
I will guide you through the process of finding certified home inspectors and other professionals should secondary or tertiary inspections become necessary. Together we will review inspection reports and plan our next strategy which is either further negotiation for items in need of repair or cancellation of the Purchase Contract.

What can I NOT do?
I am not a home inspector and do not possess any skill in noting deficiencies of any type. My skill and expertise is representing Buyers and Sellers and successfully writing and negotiating purchase contracts through research and utilization of available resources.  It is the only job I am professionally licensed to perform.  So…if we’re standing in a kitchen waist deep in water, I can agree with you we’re wet, but if you ask me where the water’s coming from – I’d have to tell you “I got nothing.”



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