Arizona Homeowner Associations - You vs. Them

September 11, 2013


HOA's (Home Owners Associations) are often a four-letter word in real estate.  We "love" them.  We "hate" them.


We love:

The exclusivity of being behind the gates.

Expansive greenbelts, lakes and fishing.

Community pools, sports courts and community events.


We hate:

Pet restrictions - both number and size.

Street parking restrictions – either non-permissible or "frowned" upon.  What???

Trash can placement - time to "curb," and time to remove from curb.


For many, the rules of our communities are unknown, until we receive a letter in the mail.  It's the dreaded violation letter, informing us of transgression.  We first read in shock.  Shock becomes anger, and you guessed it - more four letter words.


So what's to be done?  The answer is so simple, it'll knock your socks off!  READ!  Read the CC&R's (Codes, Covenants & Restrictions) which govern your community.


If you're a Buyer in Arizona, you'll receive a copy of the CC&R's during the escrow period.  And, and, and - you "will" be required to sign a document stating that you have received a copy and "agree" to abide by the governing rules when you sign your documents at closing.  Don't you want to know what you're agreeing to "do" before you sign?  READ!


If you already own a home within an HOA and want to have a peaceable existence, the same suggestion applies.  You have to read.  However many pages it may contain.  All of them.


The "You vs. Them" part in the title?  It no longer exists once you purchase your home.  “You and Them” are replaced with "Us," as you become a member of an Arizona corporation.


This article speaks to generalities concerning Arizona Homeowners Associations.  There are of course exceptions (e.g. Deed Restrictions, "silent" HOA's, etc).  With questions regarding your personal situation, you are welcome to contact me or any agent of your choice.



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