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The reason for hiring an experienced agent to represent you as a fiduciary (putting your interests above their own) is the value of their experience.  You need someone who can navigate the mounds of paperwork, gleaning those issues specific to you and your purchase.  I am that person.  Call today to discuss your goals .  People are different.  Properties are different.  Each real estate transaction is different.

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Home Financing
Your first item of business, even before you look at homes, is to get your purchase money in order.
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In your quest to locate the "perfect" home, you will likely encounter subdivisions... 

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Additional Resources
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Contract negotiations


Negotiation is a strategy intended to reach a mutually beneficial outcome. No two offers or purchase contracts are...

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Homeowner insurance provides liability and loss protection should the "unthinkable" occur.


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My Blog

"Worst Clients Ever!"


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Home Inspections


You can perform any type of home inspection (see Buyer Advisory) you deem necessary to satisfy yourself...

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Who Is The Seller??


...we will focus on the identity of the Seller and what that means to you.

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Close of Escrow

Close of escrow is defined as recordation of the Deed from the Seller to the Buyer. 

Arizona Buyer Advisory


The Arizona Buyer Advisory is the ultimate resource tool when buying a home - your first or 15th!



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